Sue Rubira


BP private view

16/06/09 11:17 PM

It’s the BP exhibition Private View tomorrow night and I’m curious to see the paintings, slightly nervous which I can’t help, looking forward to it all the same. This is a detail of my painting that was selected. See previous blog posts of the painting from start to finish.

If you get time for a peek, I’ve done a short post on my blog about your entry at the BP NPG Exhibition.

June Malone | Jun 18, 01:41 PM

It’s just wonderful. I hope I’ll get the chance to see it at the exhibition

Julie Oakley | Jun 18, 07:47 PM

Amazing, I really enjoyed looking at all your work. Very inspiring for me.I haven’t even begun to approach painting yet.Still in drawing mode.I’m so encouraged very much love your work. Truly amazed.

I miss england for all these amazing events too;(

sarah | Jun 23, 04:10 PM

I love this painting, It’s stunning! And thankyou for sharing your work in progress, what a wonderful insight.

Alan Coulson | Jun 25, 08:26 PM

Sue, I was lucky enough to visit the National Portrait Gallery this last weekend and saw your painting of Maggie “in the flesh” as it were. :)

I’m stunned, impressed and in awe of your work. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Andy Cropper | Jul 1, 05:09 PM

this is my comment when I first saw your painting on “pigments of my imagination):

“No words…just in awe (with my jaws dropped and my eyes wide-open!)”

maria (personalizedsketches) | Jul 8, 01:42 PM

Thanks everyone..great feedback, it’s always very helpful to hear what people think.

sue | Jul 10, 03:40 PM